Testing Your Vehicle

Emissions Test Program
IUVP - In-Use Vehicle Procurements

All vehicle manufacturers are required by EPA/CARB to perform emission testing on privately owned vehicles within specific mileage ranges to ensure that the pollutants the vehicles emit are within the allowed limits.

Manufacturers may also conduct their own testing programs as part of their on-going commitment to product improvement.  All parts of the vehicle may be evaluated, but often the vehicle's emission performance is the focus of the testing.

Should you receive a letter from Boshart Engineering, then your vehicle has been chosen as a potential candidate for this program and may be selected for evaluation.

If you're a potential candidate for this testing, and have questions that may not be covered in the letter you received; our FAQ section may answer your questions.  You're also always welcome to call our California or Michigan Offices at the numbers below to discuss participation with one of our procurement specialists:
California: (909) 466-1602 or Michigan: (734) 975-8911


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Data Collection
IPT - In-Use Performance Tracking 

Boshart Engineering has contracts with numerous major vehicle manufacturers to contact vehicle owners to acquire emission related data from the their cars' OBD-II systems.  OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics, and data is retrieved from the car's ECM (engine control module), which is a part of the OBD System.  The ECM could be called the engine's computer.

Should you receive a letter from Boshart and a major vehicle manufacturer, then your vehicle has been chosen as a potential candidate for this program.  There is no obligation or charge to you.

Owner's vehicles must meet acceptance criteria in order to participate. This criteria will be listed on the letter you receive and discussed with you before an appointment is set.

To thank selected owners for their participation in these programs, we offer an incentive check or gift card as prescribed by the manufacturer.  The check or gift card will be awarded to the participant as soon as the data retrieval procedure is completed.

Data collection takes approximately 20 minutes and can be scheduled at a location of your choice.

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