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Data Collection IPT - In-Use Performance Tracking

When CARB (California Air Resources Board) enacted 1968.2(j)(3), Boshart Engineering (BE) began assisting vehicle manufacturers in meeting their CARB requirements.  We utilize updated scan tool equipment (or BE will use yours) and the most recent CARB OBD-II Gas Rate-Based Template to acquire emission related data from your vehicles for timely submission.  We can provide data to you as often as requested via e-mail or FTP site.


BE's Team is well-versed in your exact vehicle needs. BE can procure the vehicles you need as quickly as you need them. We provide the "concierge service" between you and your potential participants, maintaining good relationships all around.


Letters of contact or e-mails are sent to your potential participants, usually initiating  a high response rate. The BE Team then contacts respondents in a friendly and professional manner, evaluating their availability and their vehicles' suitability for your project.  We accommodate participants with appointment times convenient for them, including early morning and weekend appointments.


BE has received positive feedback from many of the Participants, who have mentioned the following in their surveys.


  • Techs are professional and provide a pleasant experience
  • Excellent service
  • Flexibility  in setting /rescheduling appointments


BE maintains strong relationships with many OEM’s, spanning almost a decade, supplying (j)(3) data year after year. 


OEM’s have stated:


  • We have used Boshart for IPT and will continue to use them because of their knowledge and expertise.
  • Boshart Engineering has concluded our IPT projects well
  • in advance of the projected project completion date.
  • BE provides timely and accurate data.


Tell us your needs....and BE will help you meet them.

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