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Press Release:

Boshart Engineering Expands It’s Electric Vehicle Integration Activities

Ontario, CA - Boshart Engineering has announced its continuing expansion into the Electric Vehicle arena.

Ken Boshart, President of Boshart Engineering, announced that the Boshart Tersus, an all-electric industrial utility off-road vehicle, will go on sale in December of this year. The Tersus was unveiled at the Southern California Clean Vehicle Technology Expo in Ontario earlier this month. It is an all-electric vehicle, which operates on lead-acid batteries, can carry 4 passengers and a 1000-pound payload, and can be charged in 6-hours overnight with on-board charging. “We are pleased to introduce our low speed electric vehicle for use in ports, on campuses and other closed corporate applications. Every electric vehicle replacing a vehicle with an internal combustion engine is another step to reduce global warming gases and our dependence on foreign oil.”

Boshart Engineering is also in the process of developing the EV-Heavy Duty, an all-electric multi-purpose industrial utility vehicle, designed to transport up to 3 passengers and heavy equipment/loads within a closed facility environment. Boshart plans to bring this vehicle to market in mid-2008.

A Boshart engineered all-electric truck, to be sold by Phoenix Motorcars in Ontario, has already been inspected by President George W. Bush on the White House lawn on February 23rd of this year, and was to be test driven by President Bill Clinton at Lake Tahoe in August.

Looking to the future, Boshart Engineering continues to work with vehicle manufacturers and other companies to bring electric and other clean fuel vehicles and technologies to market. These include plug-in hybrids, new lithium ion batteries, and other emission reduction technologies such as diesel particulate filters.



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April 19-22, 2009 
Orlando, FL

Alternative Fuels & Vehicles
National Conference + Expo 2009
Alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies will be featured in the largest industry event of its kind in the world. The 14th annual conference brings together public and private fleets and other government and industry stakeholders who share the mission of advancing the use of alternative fuels and advanced technologies in the marketplace.

June 8-12, 2009 
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA

Advanced Automotive Battery and Ultracapacitor Conference and Symposia
AABC is the forum where automotive energy-storage developers, their suppliers and prospective customers meet to discuss the latest technological progress and market direction.


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April 22 2008
Advanced Automotive Battery and Ultracapacitor Conference and Symposia
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Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference
May 11-14, 2008
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May 12-14, 2008
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February 25th-27th 2008
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February 13-14, 2008