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Engineering Services:Electric Vehicle integration
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In today's world there is:
  • An increasing demand for clean energy.
  • A need for fuels with a reduced environmental impact.
  • A need for increased energy independence.

Boshart Engineering has a rich history of assisting companies with regulatory compliance. Boshart is building upon that history with the introduction of several electric utility vehicles.

Boshart Engineering has developed the integration process and expertise to convert almost any vehicle platform from an internal combustion engine-powered vehicle to electric-powered vehicle. With our extensive understanding of vehicle integration, EPA and CARB vehicle regulations, combined with our talented engineers, we can provide your business with services for any type of vehicle. Whether you need homologation work, or need an inclusive vehicle integration, Boshart Engineering is ready to help.

We have been the link between manufacturers and regulatory agencies for years and have recently expanded that offering through expertise in EV and HEV applications.
This expertise has led Boshart through several EV integration development projects from low-speed, off-road vehicles to highway speed, on-road pick-up trucks.

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Based on your vehicle and performance needs
Boshart Engineering will:

  •  Define the technical requirements.
  •  Select potential solutions for the optimum balancing
       of energy density, range, power and economics from
       the BE Technical Repository.©
  • Design, analyze, model and test the concept.
  • Build Prototypes for the test and validation.
  • Design and document.

Contact us today, be green for tomorrow.
Toll Free: (866) 466-1602
Fax: (909) 466-4123

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