Engineering Services:Mileage Accumulation

Mileage Accumulation
Boshart Engineering accumulates over 3 million miles a year in our efforts to support our customers testing needs. We provide mileage accumulation testing for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in all kinds of environments.

Boshart Engineering’s established mileage accumulation routes in California, Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Florida, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Asia provide for a full range of testing environments currently implemented by the automobile industry. Whether it is high or low altitude, hot or cold, wet or dry, of varying terrain, Boshart Engineering has the experience to meet your global testing objectives.

Our approach to mileage accumulation testing allows us to focus either on the whole vehicle or specific components and systems, such as: 

  • Emission system durability exposure to real-world driving patterns.
  • Full useful life testing of the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system.
  • Passenger comfort systems.
  • Vehicle exposure to extreme conditions.
  • Powertrain and Transmissions.
  • Component evaluation.

Download Mileage Accumulation One Sheet (PDF Format 2MB)

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