Take part in our vehicle data collection survey and receive $50
in the form of a check or gift cards

Have you been contacted to take part in our vehicle data survey? This page will explain why Boshart is interested in your real world driving experience and vehicle use.

Boshart Engineering, Inc. has been contracted by several OEM's to contact vehicle owners such as you for the purpose of acquiring data from the OBD-II system in direct compliance with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulation 1968.2(j)(3).  For more information on this regulation please review the Air Resource Board Final Regulation Report available for download here, or contact our OBD specialist, John Eini, at 909-466-1602 ext. 111.

Your vehicle has been chosen as a potential candidate for this program.  There is no obligation, no selling or charge to you of any kind. 

Owners’ vehicles must meet the following acceptance criteria in order to participate:

  • The vehicle must have at least 500 miles
  • The vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) must not have been replaced or reflashed
  • The vehicle’s Check Engine Light has not illuminated or flashed during normal driving

To thank the selected owners for their participation in this program, we are offering a $50 incentive in the form of a check or gift cards.  Participants may mix and match these gift cards from the choices listed on the following submission form for a total of $50.00. The check or gift card(s) will be awarded and handed directly to the participant as soon as the data collection procedure is completed. 

The procedure takes approximately ten minutes and can be scheduled at your home, business or other location of your choice.  The vehicle will not be driven and the data collection will not alter or harm your vehicle in any way.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this important matter. 


Lena M. Borrowman
Procurement Manager
[email protected]

IPT Participation Form
If you wish to participate in this program and receive your $50 incentive in the form of a check or gift cards, please complete and submit the following form. We will review your submission and contact you shortly. Be sure to fill out all Required Fields (*)

The above address is a:
Business Name(if applicable):

Please provide the following information so we can reach you and confirm the your appointment:
Appointments are subject to availability and are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Your vehicle details:

Please choose your preferred incentives, A single check, or Mix ‘n’ Match:

Please choose 5 of any or multiple Mix ‘n’ Match items below:
Fuel Card $10.00 each

Restaurants $10.00 each
Mimi's Cafe              Applebees

Entertainment / Retail $10.00 each

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