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In-Use Vehicle Testing & In-Use Procurement

In-Use Vehicle Testing

Boshart Engineering in-use testing services provide information regarding the real-world performance of your vehicles, products or components.

In-use testing may consist of:

Manufacturers frequently evaluate the performance of their in-use vehicles by borrowing vehicles back from their customers. This is done as part of the manufacturer's ongoing program of continual product improvement. All parts of the vehicle may be evaluated, but often the manufacturers are most interested in the vehicle's emission performance.

When Boshart Engineering conducts a program such as this on behalf of one of the automobile manufacturers, potential participants have questions regarding the program that may not be covered in the letters that they have received. If you are a potential participant and have additional questions the following FAQ's may answer them. Of course, you are welcome to call either the Ontario or the Michigan offices to discuss your participation with one of our procurement specialists. 

IUVP Participant Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of frequently asked questions about our Procurement program:

Q: Will there be any hidden or additional costs that I will incur?
A: No. There will never be any bills or charges for your participation. Boshart Engineering pays for the rental car, fuel, car wash and any other incidental charges that may occur.
Q: Will any of the work performed on my vehicle affect the warranty or lease?
A: No. Any necessary parts change (if needed) is performed by certified mechanics using only manufacturer-approved parts.


Q: What happens if I have a problem with the rental car?
A: Please call the Boshart Engineering office in Ann Arbor, Michigan or Ontario, California for immediate assistance.


Q: If I participate, will my personal information be sold or given to any other business?
A: No. The only companies that have access to your information are Boshart Engineering and the manufacturer sponsoring the testing.


Q: Will you ever call me and/or try to sell me something?
A: No. We serve as a liaison between you and the manufacturer's research and development office.


Q: Will my car be driven by anyone other than Boshart Engineering qualified drivers?
A: No. The only time the vehicle is on the road is from the point of pick-up to delivery to the manufacturer's testing facility. At that location, it is driven on a test dynamometer. Following emission testing, the vehicle will be returned to you in the same condition it was taken to the test laboratory.