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Boshart Engineering is working with SK Energy to introduce diesel emission control technologies that meet the demands of the increasingly stringent California Air Resource Board and Environmental Protection Agency regulations. The technologies are designed with the end user in mind and require little to no operator interaction other than an annual cleaning. Eliminating operator input and downtime while providing the highest level of emission reduction, the Econix product line is the preferred choice of fleets around the world.
What It Is The Econix DPF-A is an active diesel particulate filter, capable of significant emission reductions, that does not require specific exhaust gas temperatures for regeneration.
How It Works
The Econix DPF-A continuously monitors exhaust gas back-pressure and temperature to evaluate system performance. The control system determines whether or not the system will undergo a passive regeneration or if an active regeneration should be initiated. When necessary, the system uses direct injection to increase the exhaust gas temperature for filter regeneration.
  • Filter regeneration occurs while vehicle is in use.
  • Eliminates costly downtime.
  • Control system continuously performs self-diagnostics.
  • Ensures back-pressure and temperature are monitored and controlled to achieve optimum performance and efficiency.
  • Continuous PM reduction.
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