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EPA/CARB Compliance / Homologation Services

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Boshart Engineering regularly provides testing services for emission certification to vehicle manufacturers for compliance with all North American-based regulators. Support can be as simple as providing information on OBD-II phase-in timing for a particular diagnostic to complete Part 1 and Part 2 data generation, compilation and submission including all required durability and emission testing for the EPA Certificate of Conformity and CARB Executive Order issuance.


In the automobile industry, homologation means development and certification of vehicles and vehicle parts according to the legal requirements of a market, as well as all corresponding activities necessary for achieving vehicle compliance. One of Boshart Engineering’s core competencies is providing emission certification and testing services to vehicle manufacturers for homologation and compliance with all North American-based regulatory agencies including:

Boshart Engineering uses a five-phase approach to emission certification/homologation activities that help our customers identify necessary requirements, plan for, and implement actual testing and certification activities and action items: Phase 1 – Detailed Emission Certification Plan with Details of Phases 2 – 5

Phases include:
Vehicle types supported:
Boshart Engineering can support individual aspects of certification or the entire process.