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With our extensive automobile engineering and testing capabilities, Boshart has taken its competitive edge to the Electric Vehicle, Rally Cross, and After-Market Performance Markets.

Take a moment and get to know our companies/products below. You'll find that at Boshart Engineering we extend our vision of innovative solutions for environmentally and economically sustainable technologies through out all of our divisions. We will define the standard of excellence for the global mobility industry.

Boshart Electric Vehicles
Boshart Electric Vehicles

Boshart Engineering is producing all-electric, multi-purpose industrial utility vehicles. These vehicles are designed exclusively for privately-owned land and will eliminate the cost of gas, oil and regular engine maintenance. They are designed to transport up to four individuals and equipment within a closed campus environment.

  Econix Diesel Emissions Products
Econix® Diesel Emission Control Products

In 2007 Boshart Engineering, Inc. and SK Energy began a collaborative effort to introduce SK Energy's Econix® diesel emission control products to North America. In 2009, Boshart Engineering, Inc. successfully completed the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) verification of the Econix® DPF-A; the first active diesel particulate filter with a 10 minute regeneration time. The Econix® DPF-A provides diesel vehicle owners and operators a quality, cost effective compliance solution.