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Boshart Engineering About Us
Our Culture

Ken Boshart, founder and President of Boshart Engineering, has created a positive culture that empowers employees, allowing them to be creative, use their talents and achieve professional and personal goals.

Our Mission

Our passion is for everything automotive; our uncompromising commitment is to the customer; our hallmark is integrity. Boshart Engineering invests in the global environment by promoting positive changes in the mobility industry.

Our Vision

To be the chosen partner of quality companies throughout the world and known by our innovative solutions for environmentally and economically sustainable technologies. We will define the standard of excellence for the global mobility industry.

Our Values

These Values are the collective work of Boshart Engineering employees. They are an expression of our experiance together. Click eack value below to expand.

1. Integrity
The foundation of Boshart Engineering is integrity, built on honest communication and long-standing relationships where trust is primary. Our word is our bond, and our actions reflect our commitment to honesty and openness.

We focus on achieving results for our customers while operating in a mutually supportive working environment. In everything we do, we measure ourselves against the standards and guiding principles of our company.

2. Talent
Our employees are carefully chosen for their specific and unique talents, which are nourished, encouraged, and recognized.

Boshart Engineering believes in investing in team members to help them be successful in everything from pursuing higher educational goals to perfecting acquired skills that broaden their base of expertise.

Extraordinary people create an extraordinary company.

3. Teamwork
Boshart Engineering, born of honor and the desire to help each individual excel, continues to grow because of our commitment to teamwork and to our customers.

Working together, we reach goals and overcome obstacles to achieve excellence. This foundation is built by respecting the needs of others while sharing tools, ideas and knowledge.

4. Creating a Positive Culture
Our positive attitude promotes an environment where creativity, productivity and powerful relationships flourish.

At BE our enjoyment of what we do shows in our teamwork, camaraderie, and ownership of projects.

5. Friendships
BE encourages friendships beyond professional interaction. We take pride in the strong relationships we have built with our coworkers, customers, vendors and community.
6. Innovation
"It has never been done this way before," is a hallmark of how Boshart does business.
Our work environment encourages flexibility and personal freedom, trusting our employees to apply their talent, skills, and critical thinking to the fullest.

Creativity is the source of our out-of-the-box thinking and our ability to adapt in an ever-changing industry.

7. Customer Service &  Satisfaction
BE creates value by meeting customers’ real needs beyond contract requirements; “going the extra mile” . . . giving all we’ve got and then going one step more.

The goal of every BE employee is to do the job right the first time, saving our customers time and money.

8. Quality
Through skill, talent and determination, Boshart Engineering works to ensure that its products and services are of the highest quality.

Perfection is the goal, providing quality every time on every project for every customer.

9. Communication
Success for our customers and BE happens with clear communication.  Strong and durable relationships between our customers, co-workers and other stakeholders are built through open, free and candid dialogue.
10. Community and Social Responsibility
We are stewards of our environment, identifying and addressing needs in our community where our particular corporate talent can provide support, solutions and relief. We demonstrate our social responsibility through our work; promoting a cleaner, healthier environment with sustainable resources for a better tomorrow.
11. Performance and Profit
Through our competitive performance and extraordinary service, BE thrives in the complex mobility industry.
When we see our customers’ objectives as our own, we create the means for BE to grow and meet future goals.

BE considers profit as more than monetary. While a strong and sustainable financial return is critical for a healthy and growing company, BE also measures profit in the success of our customers, personal growth of our employees and a world bettered because we are here.

12. Enriching Lives
We conduct our business in such a way that the lives we have touched are enriched. We show compassion, give strength and provide motivation to make a difference.
13. Future Focus
Creating and participating in change sharpens our focus on the future and allows us to maintain a leading position in the industry.

Our yearning for knowledge and our desire to share technologies establishes our base of expertise today and tomorrow.

~Boshart Engneering

Certified Small Business (SB) and (DVBE)

Boshart Engineering is proud to be a certified Small Business of California