Boshart Engineering, Inc.

Our History

Boshart History
History of Boshart Engineering:

Ken Boshart envisioned an automotive company unlike any other. He wanted this company to be superior in all aspects of business, from its customer relations and working environment, to how employees would be hired.

Boshart Engineering (BE) started in the fall of 1999 hiring its first employee, Katrina Wells. Although Ken Boshart had considered launching BE for years, he would not sign on as an employee himself until the company was four months old and had secured a temporary office on Mountain Avenue in Upland. By this time, BE had also added other employees. BE’s core business included durability testing, procurement projects for manufacturers and certification work for Daewoo. Quickly outgrowing the space, BE purchased and moved into its present location of 1175 N. Del Rio Place in Ontario, California in 2000.

To ensure BE hired individuals with superior talent, Boshart formed an alliance with Talent+, an international company with a unique approach to determining the person best suited for a particular position. That partnership enables BE to grow existing business and expand into new business markets. BE employees are hand picked from hundreds of applicants for their specific and innate talents.

BE continues to add talented personnel each with their own skills and interests, encouraged to follow their passions. Due to this freedom, our engineers have built rally cars and developed Boshart Motorsports Inc., which features an online aftermarket parts store. We even entered a Suzuki Reno rally car into the Desert Storm Rally Race in Arizona with our proud engineers behind the wheel!

Today BE has facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Littleton, Colorado; Bemidji, Minnesota; and Seoul, Korea. Our talented employees help BE’s services expand into many different areas of the mobility industry. While our company still focuses on core competencies such as homologation, mileage accumulation, IUVP and IPT, BE now also offers other services including engineering, OBD validation, DPF filters, garage services, 3D printing services, low-speed electric vehicle manufacturing, electric vehicle integration and aftermarket parts.

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